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World’s Popular Wildlife Attractions

Wildlife holidays are always exciting and fascinating to many. The thrill and joy of watching these beautiful creatures in their natural habitats can never be replicated by visiting even the best zoos in the world. This is one of the main reasons wildlife trips are worth the effort. Some wildlife destinations have been proven to be unique or have more offerings than others. Here are some of the best places/countries experience the beauty of precious wildlife.


kenya serrengeti

Kenya is one of the few travel destinations that are home to the big 5 and the wonders of the world. Wildlife lover storm this eastern African country from July to October to witness the great wildebeest migration. The Geographical diversity this county is defined by the great rift valley, which is known to offer the oldest wildlife routes. The country’s northern plains are home to the elephants, buffalo, giraffes, and the rhinos among other rare species. The Maasai Mara down south is a major attraction for wildlife tours.

The Amazon Brazil

The Amazon rainforest holds lots of secrets close to its heart and visiting the Amazon could mean learning more about new animal and plant species. The biodiversity of the Amazon remains unparalleled being home to various wild species like the vampire bats, piranhas, and thousands of insects. The good thing about Amazon is that you can schedule during any time or season of the year. The best way to experience nature is by exploring the rainforest by taking a cruise down the Amazon River.

Yellowstone National Park, United States

bear in YellowstoneIf you love wildlife, the best times to visit the Yellowstone is in late spring (May and June). This national park is considered to be the largest mega-fauna in mainland United States. Wildlife enthusiasts visit this national park with the hope of seeing the grizzly bears, elks, herds of bison, wolves, along with the endangered lynx. With close to 2 million tourists visiting the Yellowstone each year, it is undoubtedly one of the most popular national parks in the United States and the entire world.


Being one of the largest Island in the world, you can be sure that one of the most endemic species. One of the main attractions in this country is the abidance of marsupials like kangaroos, koalas, among other varied animal species. More, this country also boasts of proximately 4500 marine species, with close to 90% being endemic.…